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Once upon a time the Cole sisters lived in a beautiful house in Dillsboro, IN. They lived with their father and mother and were known to be members of the elite society of this small town. Hazel and Leona lived long and prosperous lives well into their senior years. 


During their adult years, there was another pair of sisters growing up in the area. One of the fondest memories of the Baker girls was weekly visits to their grandparents home in Dillsboro. Eating Sunday dinner on Grandma's Blue Willow china was always a delight. It is a memory that they will treasure forever.  Fast forward to present day…


After years of antiquing, crafting, baking and selling their products at local craft shows, the Baker sisters decided to open their own shop in Dillsboro. Thus the beginning of Blue Willow House.


Blue Willow House is not like any other antique shop. Here you will find three floors of antique/vintage furniture, new home décor, candles, body lotion and soap, quilted items, clothing and gifts. Melissa and Pam make fresh bakery items such as cakes, pies and cookies. Blue Willow House is also a venue for small gatherings like showers, meetings and parties.


Come and visit Blue Willow House.  The former home of the Cole sisters has been transformed into a unique shopping exerience for you.

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