Push Flame Candles Set Of Three 5.5in, 7.5in and 9in/Ivory

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This set of three unscented, ivory candles measure 3.5in x 5.5in, 3.5in x 7.5in and 3.5in x 9in. The flicker of a traditional candle is replicated flawlessly in the newest technology from Liown, Push Flame. The hand-poured real wax shell, featuring a non-moving tip, is illuminated by the 4 diode flicker technology which simulates the flickering of a real candle through the use of shadow and light. These candles have a built in on/off switch or simply push on the flame tip to activate the candle glow and blow out to turn off. They are also remote ready with the remote included in set. Each candle runs on 2 D batteries (not included) with an estimates 700 hour run time. They have a 5 hour timer and the blow out feature.

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